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One on one support for you.

Ongoing chronic stress, anxiety, trauma and/or's exhausting, isn't it? The effort involved in maintaining your calm on the outside while somehow continuing to manage the storm on the inside?


You've gotten really good at it over the years...but what if there was another way?​ In our work together we will find just the right amount of space and support for you to finally begin to disentangle yourself from that stronghold.


How? By inviting curiosity and awareness, leveraging what's already working, and exploring manageable ways for you to turn towards those tender places where frustration, fear and heartbreak hang out..without overwhelming your system.

I see you. And you do not have to do this alone.

Individual flower.


Relationship support.

For new couples looking to build a solid foundation.
For seasoned partners looking to cultivate a deeper connection.


Connection & community​.

For learning, healing and growth in the context of a supportive group of peers.



Support & training.


For fellow therapists, educators and movement practitioners.

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