Trauma-Informed Yoga & Support Group for Women

6-week series • Next series TBA


This yoga & support group offers women a supportive place to access relief from the symptoms of chronic stress or overwhelm, and build new pathways for increased healing and resilience. The series is for women who are interested in deepening their understanding of how stress can affect the mind and body, and how yoga, mindfulness and other somatic practices can be used as a potent methods for healing.


This group may be a good fit for you if you are struggling with the effects of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma, and are seeking additional support in your healing journey.


In the context of a nurturing and supportive group environment, we will explore:

- How your body reacts to stress and overwhelm

- Tools, techniques and practices for healing: yoga, mindfulness, journalling, art-making, other somatic (body-based) techniques

- How to easily incorporate these practices in your daily life


No special knowledge or skills are required to take this course. The information, exploration and practices will be gentle and accessible - all levels are welcome.


Contact me for more information, to arrange for a brief intake, to see if this group will be a good fit for you and to register.

Includes: intake, 6 sessions, & audio/visual support materials, weekly email support
A limited number of sliding-scale spots are available - please inquire!

Must be purchased as a series. In order to best nurture group support, integrity and confidentiality, drop-ins will not be permitted. Group is limited to 8 participants.


PLEASE NOTE: This series is designed to be an excellent and supportive adjunct to therapy, but not a substitute. I encourage you to seek out help from a licensed professional, particularly if your trauma is new or if this is the first time you are working with it. I will be happy to offer you a list of recommended referrals.  Additionally, while I want to honor that each of our individual stories are unique and important, we will not be sharing the details of our individual trauma stories in this group, but rather co-creating a supportive space for processing our experiences with the course material in a variety of ways (moving, listening, talking, writing, art-making, etc).