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My Approach

What you are holding
has space
and support here.

At its heart, my therapeutic practice is to support others in connecting their own innate wisdom.

In my experience, this is best achieved when we can work in ways that bring us into contact with our immediate present moment experience.


How? There is a whole world of information available to you simply by paying attention and tuning in. Sensations in the body, thoughts, behaviors and emotions can be rich entry points into insight as to  why you are the way you are and what you can do to successfully navigate change.


My approach is rooted in Mindfulness, Somatics (including emotion regulation skills, body awareness and movement), Attachment Theory and Neuroscience, and informed by specialized training in the following modalities:

Mindfulness & Compassion

Turning toward our basic ability to be present and engaged through curiosity and attentional focus

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

A body-oriented therapeutic approach to healing trauma and other stress disorders.



Using locations in the visual field as focal points to help access and process trauma in a manageable way.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) / Parts Work

Connecting to a more centered and compassionate relationship to all parts of self and others through presence and insight.

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Emotion Focused Therapy

Using the principles of Attachment Theory to focus on improving relationships with self and others.


Dynamic Attachment
Re-patterning Experience (DARe)

Working with the body to identify old attachment wounds and integrate a felt sense of safety and attunement in relationships.

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